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Posted by ADDM Team, BMC Software on Fri, 20 Mar 2015
Contract type: Permanent. Location: Victoria, London, UK


Name: Chris Wiggins

10 second summary

  • Cool product: lots of hard and interesting problems to solve
  • Small, agile team with substantial automony, backed by a large, established company
  • Central London location (Victoria)
  • Top dollar pay
  • Flexible hours

The best place to find out more is on our website. What follows is a shorter version of what’s there, and without the pretty pictures.

More about the product

It’s called ADDM and it scans people’s networks and provides detailed information about the hardware and software it finds, including dependencies between them.

Building it involves working in a whole load of interesting areas: the actual discovery of things over the network, of course, but also developing rich web-based UIs to help our users slice and dice the data, and cutting-edge back-end features to automatically manage and process vast quantities of information. Behind the scenes there are loads of deep technical challenges to solve, from our custom, clusterable NoSQL graph database, to multi-threaded and cross-machine server-side code, and a couple of custom domain-specific programming languages. Almost all of it is written in Python.

Who we’re looking for

We have no specific requirements. While knowledge of Python, JavaScript, Linux, and TCP/IP are all great, the main thing we’re looking for is a great developer.

How to apply

Send your CV and a covering letter to Please, no 8-page CVs full of buzzwords. Show us your coding skills and passion.

How to find out more

Again, the best place to find out more is on our website.