Senior Python Developer

Posted by Blue Canvas on Mon, 26 Feb 2018
Contract type: permanent. Location: Remote - HQ is San Francisco, CA


Name: Jack Moxon

3rd Engineer on a 4 Person Team Making Dev Tools in Python

Be one of the first 4 employees at a 100% remote startup working on developer tooling. Work in Python.

About Blue Canvas

Our mission is simple: empower the next wave of software developers.

We help developers in the Salesforce ecosystem write code. Their current workflow is stuck in 1999: No source control, tedious manual deployments, no roll back, and code clobbering. To address this problem, we’ve built a hosted service with automatic source control that “just works”, and modern tools to review and deploy updates. We are in a growing, opportunity-rich enterprise market: For every $1 paid to Salesforce, $3 more are spent on customizing it.

So far we have hired slowly because we believe in maintaining high-revenue per employee. We admire companies like Basecamp, Kinsta, Mailchimp and Atlassian more than venture funded companies that have emphasized growth at all costs. We believe in profitability and culture over spending and headcount. We are funded by customer revenue and - who shares our values around avoiding raising massive amounts of dilutive capital.

We are a fully remote team. We believe that flow is what makes people happiest at work and strive to set up schedules and projects to enable deep work.

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Who are we looking for?

Engineers who think about how software is made. If you were excited when GitHub released pull requests, you enjoy well-written API docs, and you think of command-line tools as a design discipline, we want to talk to you. You’ll be most effective if you’ve previously worked with orchestration tools like Terraform or Puppet, built systems on Docker, and you’re comfortable writing shell scripts, Python. If “Plumbing and Porcelain” makes you immediately think of “Git”, we’ll have lots of fun together.

Our current team is: 2 engineers and 1 business person. Our stack is a mix of Python and Go. Our task scheduling and orchestration system is written in Python and we are looking for an experienced Python expert to help improve and own the entire system.

You’ll get to work directly with the CTO on important technology decisions.

As an early employee you will get to help shape the technical product as well as the company culture and vibe.


  • 100% Remote
  • Annual retreats in cool locations like Barcelona
  • Healthcare
  • Emphasis on flow and deep work; only two scheduled meetings a week so there is time for finding flow
  • Flat hierarchy with one founder serving as product manager, and another technical founder serving as CTO.

About You:

  • Expertise in designing systems using Python
  • Have a strong grasp of Computer Science fundamentals (data structures, building performant systems, etc.)
  • You don’t need to know Salesforce, but enthusiasm to work with tools like Salesforce APIs and Git is a plus

Ideally, candidates will also have experience with:

  • REST API and library design
  • Database design and optimization
  • Asynchronous processing and infrastructure

To Apply

In order to manage applications more simply, we’re asking that you apply via Angel List:

You can also reach out to us directly. No recruiters or agencies please.