Python developer for part time candidate screening

Posted by Peerspective on Mon, 10 Sep 2018
Contract type: part-time. Location: remote


Name: Andrew Thomas

Python developers

We’re currently building a platform like except developers get tested by senior developers before being put in front of companies.

We are looking for Python developers to help test this skillset. More specific knowledge includes Python / Flask / SQLAlchemy / Celery / Go / Redis / DynamoDB / MySQL / S3 but don’t worry if you don’t cover all of these.

Testing consists of a 30 minute screening call followed by a short feedback form. (We screen CVs up front to remove poor candidates). It is a part time position and you can choose times and how much you want to work on this.

We pay £500 for each candidate which goes on to get successfully hired with one of our companies.

Any hiring experience is beneficial but not required.