Middle/Senior Python Developer

Posted by wemake.services on Sat, 10 Feb 2018
Contract type: contract. Location: Remote


Name: Nikita Sobolev
Phone: +7 985 390 2900


wemake.services is a group of technology evangelists and simply those who love to write beautiful code. We are dedicated to deliver products of high quality basing on best practices, broad experience and a good portion of common sense. We focus on large, both public-sector and commercial projects with complicated infrastructure, and we care about what we do.

We love Python and Elixir. We use JavaScript.


We are looking for middle and senoir python developers. We are 100% remote. To make our remote model work we have adopted the following process:

  • We pay per task.
  • The task rate is not a subject of argument in situ.
  • We work only remotely.
  • You are welcome to combine a full-time job with your job here.
  • We exercise sound judgement, so you are welcome to introduce it whenever you feel it needs to be introduced.
  • All that is interesting about the project, or might be used more then one time, must be fixed in documentation.
  • Also, it needs to be mentioned that we do not spend our clients’ budgets on educating junior developers.

An we are constantly looking for new talents. If you got interested, read these two pages to join:

  • https://wemake.services/meta/employees
  • https://wemake.services/meta/job-application