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Python Developer/Data Scientist

Posted by B23 LLC on Sun, 07 Feb 2016
Contract type: permanent. Location: Tysons Corner, Virginia


Name: Dave

Python Developer/Data Scientist

B23 is a premier provider of cloud, big data, and data science services. We are an elite team of engineers and data scientists with a passion for building data products. We’ve built applications where we have 10^-7 seconds to process a message and push it to a Kafka queue.

We believe that all businesses are data businesses, and we take great pride in building transformative data products to help data businesses seize the opportunity provided by their data. We have designed and built production data applications for clients in the the telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare markets. Happy clients include Fortune 20 companies, startups, and unicorns (we’ve seen them they do exist).

We are firm believers in using and contributing to open source projects. Most of our employees are commiters and/or PMC members of Apache-level open source projects, and we want to grow our open source profile by bringing new community members to those projects.

B23 has an open position for a Python Software Developer. We are looking for developer who leans closer to data scientist than statistician. The most important attributes for a qualified candidate are: curiosity, creativity, and flexibility. You need the curiosity to ask big questions, the creativity to explore innovative answers to those questions, and the flexibility to build a system to implement those answers.

You will partner closely with our clients’ to understand their mission and their data. You will find news ways for data to impact our clients’ mission and champion those ideas into production.

Relevant Software Development Experience :

  • 2 years of experience in any combination of Python, Java, Scala, Clojure, C/C++

Relevant Technology Platforms B23 Leverages :

  • Data Science Platforms: Spark MLlib, sklearn, scipy, nltk, h2o
  • Data Processing Platforms: Spark, Storm, MapReduce, Flink
  • Data Persistence Platforms: HDFS, ElasticSearch, MongoDB
  • Infrastructure: AWS, Linux, Automation Tools (Ansible, Salt, Chef, Puppet)

As this is a growth position, we are looking for a candidate with the following qualifications:

  • Someone who is right a lot.
  • Intuition as to whether you need to apply statistical modeling, machine learning, or simple data aggregations
  • Experience with creating data aggregation and transformation pipelines
  • A track record of making good decisions within the context of the data product development lifecycle.
  • Experience quantifying, communicating and delivering against measured milestones independently, or as part of a team.
  • Experience with early stage software development projects.
  • Willingness and ability to learn new technologies quickly and effectively.

In addition to our aggressive compensation and ability to work with some of the top thought leaders and customers in their respective domains, we offer the following:

  • Flexible work schedule and locations (we do not have cubicles)
  • Generous allotment of modern development tools both hardware and software. We like using the best! Most of us have maxed out MacBook Pros and Thunderbolt displays.
  • Encouraged attendance and participation to relevant technical conferences in the United States
  • Vibrant office location with frequent social and networking events with other companies
  • Convenient walking access to Metro
  • Gym membership

Some travel may be required to meet with current and potential customers, and attend industry conferences.

We have the work, if you have the passion and talent.