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Part time freelance Python guru required

Posted by Huq Industries on Tue, 17 Nov 2015
Contract type: permanent part-time. Location: London, England


Name: Isambard Poulson


I’m urgently seeking a freelancer to take the reigns on the backend for a London based startup’s product.

Due to scheduling mishaps I need to give up what is otherwise an incredibly fun and engaging project on a great team, however my loss may be your gain, so please read on.. :)

Please reply to the above email address with CV and a handful of comments about problems that you can see with, or ways in which you can improve the query linked to in the body below

Role requirements

This project would suit someone with good overall Python toolset knowledge, at least an exposure to Django (although preferably a bit more than that), and an existing knowledge of, or burning desire to see PostgreSQL used in extreme anger.

The product is a mobile data analytics platform, consisting of:

  • One user-facing Django application serving up an Angular app and implementing it’s backing API using Django rest_framework. You do not need to touch the Angular parts, but a passing familiarity may be beneficial.

  • One device-facing Django application serving up a separate Django rest_framework API and implementing a bunch of preprocessing logic for incoming impressions.

  • A pretty hairy PostgreSQL installation, making heavy use of SQLAlchemy Core to generate reporting queries, along with an Rq-based task queue that maintains consistency between raw impression data and materialized summaries based on the user’s filters.

Example query:

  • Device-side SDKs for Android and iOS. This role does not cover these components, but if you enjoy flexing your Objective C or Java skills, that could be a big plus.