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Lead Developer

Posted by Live Better With on Fri, 24 Mar 2017
Contract type: permanent. Location: London, England


Name: Graham Farrugia

Live Better With are hiring a Lead Developer. We are expanding our tech team as part of scaling the company. This is an opportunity to make a big impact on our E-commerce platform and help shape the new services we’re creating, as well as make a difference to the lives of millions of people around the world.

About Live Better With

Launched in 2015, Live Better With aims to make day-to-day life a little bit better for the 300m+ people with long-term conditions around the world. The initial focus for Live Better With is cancer, and the mission is to provide cancer patients and their families with the products, services, content and community that can help address the side effects and symptoms that reduce the quality of their daily lives. The company was a Gold Winner at the MassChallenge 2015 Awards and ranked in the 2016 UK Top 100 Startups Live Better With already has operations in the US (New York) & the UK (London), and is scaling rapidly with a single-minded focus on reaching as many as possible who could benefit from what we offer.

Our Mission

By the end of next year, 1000 people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer every day. They’ll receive great medical care to treat the progression of their tumour, but there is another side of care. The tumour itself, and the treatments – like chemo, radiation, surgery – cause countless symptoms and side effects – like the kind of itching that makes you scratch till the skin is raw, a persistent metallic taste, difficulty swallowing, incontinence, brain fog, skin burns, as well as those we more frequently hear about like nausea, hair loss and pain. When you’re living with these, it’s hard to have a normal home, family or work life. There are actually hundreds of products that can help relieve these symptoms and side effects, from balms to food supplements to books to mobility aids. BUT patients and their families either don’t know about them or struggle to find them to purchase. This is hugely frustrating and wrong.Live Better With provides all the products and information needed to improve the quality of day-to-day life. We want every single cancer patient (and their families and carers) to know about every single product that might make a difference to their lives.In our store they can see a curated range of products, each of which has been recommended by patients, families, healthcare professionals and charities. For each product, they will find the brand(s) that have received the most positive feedback.

Our Plans

We are well-capitalised, having just closed a $2m funding round in August 2016, we have a clear 18 month operational plan including:

  • establishing a strong foothold in the UK, US and beyond
  • expanding to further illnesses proving strong unit economics and achieving profitability

To find out more about the company, please follow the links below: Website - Live Better With in Silicon Valley - Live Better With Top 100 Startups -


Our aim is to create and continuously improve the very best platform to deliver a combination of personalised content and products for people living with long-term illnesses. This is split into four areas:

  • E-commerce: making our shop world-class to ensure we are providing a truly personalised and user-focused shopping experience, which incorporates all e-commerce best practices and takes them to the next level.
  • Content: building tools for content creation and aggregation, as well as integrating products and content intelligently.
  • Community: we have an active community, with over 23 thousand people on FB. We have plans to integrate this much more with our site, as well as launching new services such as medical treatment trackers.
  • Business processes: systems automation, reporting tools, and other internal processes so all functions in our business (e.g., operations, marketing, etc.) can work most efficiently.


Our E-commerce shop is build on top of Django Oscar, using Postgres as its main datastore, and ElasticSearch for content and search. All of this runs on-top of AWS. We use SASS and React for frontend development.

Our codebase is well tested, we use py.test for testing and CircleCI for continuous integration. Ansible and docker are used for server configuration, deployment is done with AWS Code Deploy. Monitoring is provided by New Relic and Sentry.

We are passionate about Python whilst open minded about other technologies. We evaluate different languages and frameworks for new services and as part of our R&D. The Role We are looking for software developers with a track record of getting things done. We are a customer-focused company, so we want to hear from people who are motivated by making great end-products as well as writing high quality code. Being one of the early tech team hires you’ll have the opportunity to shape the role as the company grows.

Experience of Python and Django would be an advantage, however we’ll consider strong candidates with experience in other languages as long they are enthusiastic about learning Python. We want to hear from candidates with experience leading projects and teams.

Testing is important to us. You should have experience of writing automated tests, or are very keen to start working using TDD. You’ll be part of code reviews as well as planning how to implement new features.

Bonus points for:

  • Experience with AWS
  • Experience of Docker, Ansible or other configuration management tools
  • Server admin/DevOps experience
  • Knowledge of a functional language such as Haskell, Erlang or Clojure
  • Open source contributions
  • Experience with JS frameworks or native mobile development

The role is on site in Kings Cross in London, the salary is competitive to match other London based roles.